We are made up of stories. We really only begin to grasp what happens to us when we tell it back to ourselves like a story. Often we do this without realising it.

As a storyteller I am particularly interested in mythology from all over the world. Stories of gods and demons, the origins of humanity and of all creation. Stories of magic and mystery, of quests and of adventures. Stories of the dwellers of the land who live both in shadow and in light, who exist just below the level of our imagination.

In 2018 I joined the TellYours troupe as one of nine storytellers undergoing a development programme created by Filotico Arts and mentored by storyteller Daniel Morden. The programme culminated in two showcases in London, one at the Canada Water Theatre and the other at the Battersea Arts Centre.

Past performances


TellYours showcase, Canada Water Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre

From Whence They Came, Buxton Fringe

Upcoming performances


Story/Sound Night at St Mary’s Tower, Hornsey – 13th October 2018